Friday, March 11, 2005
blogging, resurrected

ho ho ho... i've been away from this blogging this for faaaaar too long. actually, i can't even begin to sum up what manner of menace i got into between then and now.

i am without a doubt, the laziest person on this god created world (for those who believe, anyways). and really, this is not really an update as such, more like a prrof to my cousin that i shall go on bearing this torch in the journey of blogginess... if there is such a term.

but yeah, this is just another example of my stubbornness... alas, we shall see how far this will continue in the near future. and yeah, i shall fix the darn html thingamajigy as well. this background's giving me a headache!

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Saturday, April 10, 2004
poetry in fiction

it was a normal nightly ritual these past few days, i'd log on icq and the message board and start to post simultaneously. it's been a cathartic experience, and somehow last's night conversation veered into the world of literature; or more to the point, my lack of assimilation into the science fiction genre.

as a peson who prides herself as someone who's utterly fearless when it comes to literature, i am sorely inexperienced when it comes to sci-fi. not surprisingly, the term science fiction conjures up images of star wars and star trek in my mind, and i guess if i limit that genre to the space operas, then yes, i'm not familiar with the works. my online buddy, realizing my quandary, offered his expertise in that area by suggesting some books to get me started.

i was actually pretty mystified by the genre, after all, what constitutes science fiction? a long, hard look at my book collection gave rise to a question: is science fiction exclusively means space operas? i own a rather eclectic collection of books, and i realize that many of them defy the boundaries between genres. over the years, i've unconsciously categorized these books as "fantasy," kinda treated the term as a catch-all to the books that doesn't seem to belong to any one particular genre. which is doubly ironic since i do own quite a bit of real fantasy works and why the incongruity of it all escaped me i have no idea.

maybe this just proves how crazy i am.

anyway, after some search, i found a really helpful guide to the different types of sc-fi, all part of the guides created by amazon customers.

i'm now happy to say that it's not that i haven't dabbled in sci-fi, it's just a few sub-genres that i haven't fully explored. and interestingly enough, alternate histories is considered sci-fi, as do the parodies (most popular being the hitchhiker trilogy)... needless to say, i think i'd still like to see what the space operas are really like in book form...

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Saturday, March 20, 2004
my day as a 23 year old

interestingly enough, nothing too exciting happened. well, duh! as if... *lol*

la familia made an appearance, at least on my phone... early in the morning, i might add... apparently the whole family (incuding elin and linda, and hani's family) went to went to kajang for dinner at abang ajar's new restaurant... to celebrate MY birthday! and here i was half expecting them to forget... but ain't it ironic, a birthday celebration without said birhday girl... heh heh heh. gawd, that's my family. *smiles fondly* kinda makes me feel like a celebrity having birthday parties all over the world without ever being there... at least le parents had the decency to call moi for a rousing birthday cheer... it sure made my day.

well, was supposed to go to toby and james' place earlier this evening for a candle party, but alas... my tired body couldn't make it, much to their annoyance. oh well... it's my birthday, and i'll cry if i want to... heh heh heh.

hana asked me what i wanted for my birthday... my answer? a car... *grin* she didn't think it was funny... heh heh heh. apparently my dear sis wanted to buy me a pot of tulips that i can put on my windowsill... however, since she didn't exactly have an american based credit card, the transaction couldn't go through... too bad, i think the tulips would've been a wonderful addition to my rather austere bedroom.

however, told her to hold on to her $$$ since i'm sure i'll come up with something when i go home for a visit... *mischivious grin*

now... what can i possibly wheedle from my parents?

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Friday, March 19, 2004
all in a year's work...

the clock's slowly ticking...

can't believe it's been a year, and today's my last day as a 22 year old. can't really see any improvement i've done for the last year. i wonder how i'm gonna spend this last few hours before i'm officially a year older.

oh well... life moves on.

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Sunday, February 29, 2004
leapin' lizards...

oscars. leap year. extra day

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Thursday, February 26, 2004
conversations with the mirror

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

perhaps a sentiment convenient for shakespeare. i'm not sure. it brings an interesting point though... how we view ourselves does depend, more or less to what we call ourselves. in fact, a lot of cultures gives an extensive power to a name. not to mention lores and tales. take rumpelstiltskin. dude spins gold from hay, girl gets credit then becomes queen and then he ends up losing the babe by his unfortunate habit of chanting his name and frolicking by a bonfire. then the business with the dude that the queen paid to search high and low for possible names coming by at such an inopportune moment. what can i say? perhaps "villains" do have a tendency to gloat right before battles are won. i call that stupid. maybe it's me... i think it's just bad karma to take it for granted that you'd get what you want cause you usually don't. could be i'm just a realist. after all, nothing seems to happen the way i thought things would. oh, the "if only"-s that we regret...

before you wonder what in heavens hijacked my brain to pursue such a meanderingly cryptic thought, it so happens that my mind works that way... *shrug* there i was, bored as a peacock on a deserted island with nobody to impress, combing the depths of the internet when a stray thought brought me to googlism. decided to harness the powers of the site and see what the search engine dredge up from the bottom of the information barrel.

it was pretty amusing, i admit... after all, i did spend a better part of an hour laughing out loud at the mostly humorous and sometimes unintentionally innuendoed results of the names of family, friends and acquaintences i, err, "borrowed," not to mention my own name... *grin*

not surprisingly, my name alone shed some interesting facts that i would never find out on my own devices, unless of course i had the access to such a site. which i did (confuse you yet? get used to it) so here we are. proves that you do learn something new everyday... even if it bruises my pride to admit ignorance on something which is intimate and dear to me. *sigh* just don't tell anybody else, okay? i'll just deny i ever said it. *lol*

getting back to the point, the issue is quite a mindboggler... how could you separate the identity you own from the name that stamps it? much like a filing system uses a folder as it's source, so does humans using names as a point of reference. perhaps it partially explains why i'm bothered by people's habit of naming kids after their parents or using names that has always been in the family. personally i find it hard to keep the french royalty louises in order. heck, there's nearly twenty of them on the throne before their subjects decided to guillotine the last one. i'd do it just to stop one more louis from gaining the throne and thus force me to remember one more variation of the roman numeral. when will it stop, when will it stop?! good lord, talk about being unoriginal and the confusion it causes at family gatherings...

i'm not questioning the validity of names per se. it's the impact, the indelible mark it leaves that gnaws my brain. how much that is me is actually a product of my name?

it's not a comforting thought. maybe i am myself because of my name. my personality is tied to the history i have, and that history has a name. and how other people see the history reflects their mental image about who i am. and it bears reason to point out that a lot of the perception of others are first affected by what they know about me, even before ever seeing or knowing who i am. like having a famous surname would most definitely change the view others have about a person. say... kennedy. or debeers or schwarzenegger, or windsor. that would obviously open up avenues that my lowly-self couldn't even dream of.

and if that doesn't affect what becomes and molds my identity, i don't know what else will.

i'm torn, really... my realist self believes in the ineffable power of names as a factor in a person's identity. my romantic self (hah) is more akin to the bard more than i'd like to admit. dog poo, still smells like shit no matter what you call it, right? the words might give a better, more polite way to express the stench, but in its core it still is the by-product of canine metabolism...

anyway you see it, the ambivalance remains at the crux f the discussion. regardless, i find it appropriate (not to mention funny) to include the list i found over my personal identification:

  • hayu is a western kiranti language once widely spoken in the ramechap district and in portions of kabhre palancok and sindhuli districts in eastern nepal
  • hayu is a kiranti language of eastern nepal studied by brian houghton hodgson in the first half of the nineteenth century
  • hayu is a medical device import company
  • hayu is the creation of a special obligation for women
  • hayu is een tibeto
  • hayu is a grassroots organization made up of homeless and formerly homeless youth advocating for the needs of homeless youth
  • hayu is the only one in the community who harvests about five quintals of rice from the land
  • hayu is huj iuternee
  • hayu is closely related to shafer's
  • hayu is an advocacy group of homeless and formerly homeless young people
  • hayu is closest to sunwar
  • hayu is not the man of power we imagine in our modern society

shakespeare, i thank thee for the roses...

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